Saturday, July 31, 2010

They Are Always in a Girl Pack

Mistake 6

Megan and Caitlin have been best friends for years. They are adorable, hilarious and intelligent. They know so many people and are involved in countless activities in their community. They do everything together and with all of their girlfriends. If they go out to eat, they are with eleven other girls. People are naturally drawn to both Megan and Caitlin. In fact, if you were to observe them at a party you would see the guys at the party checking them out! They have everything going for them; yet, neither of them has been on a date in years! Why? They are constantly in a Girl Pack.

We love our girlfriends! We love to be around people who know us, love us, know how to make us laugh and listen to us when we cry. Naturally, when we are going about our everyday lives we want our girlfriends around. So, we travel in Girl Packs! When attractive, interested guys see us traveling in our Girl Packs, they typically run away in fear. Even the most confident guy will not approach a girl at a party when she is standing in a close knit circle with her girlfriends - talk about intimidating! He doesn’t want to face that level of embarrassment if there is a possibility of you rejecting him in front of twenty other girls. Oh, and by the way, you and one other friend are still considered a Girl Pack.

Staying in a Girl Pack is a bad habit. But leaving the Pack for the first time is a little scary! Here are some steps to becoming an independent girl.

1) Start by going to the restroom alone.

Don’t go straight for the restroom. Take the long route. Walk with a purpose but as you walk observe everything that is going on around you. Look around the room and make eye contact with people. Smile at them. A confident, courageous girl goes alone!

2) When you get thirsty go to get a drink alone.

A guy who finds you attractive is much more likely to approach you when you are alone. Go to the drink stand, get a drink and hang out for awhile taking small sips. Smile with your eyes and casually look around the room. Again, make eye contact with people and SMILE! After a few minutes you can go and find your friends again.

3) Never stay in a girl pack for more than 10 minutes at a time at any mixed social function.

After 10 minutes find someone else to talk to or casually take a walk around the room. As you are walking, enjoy yourself. And, once more, make eye contact (for at least two long seconds) with other people and SMILE!

You can apply these steps at any large or small group event, on the college campus, in a restaurant, at a dance, at church… Basically, anywhere.

(Sidenote: We understand that you are girls who love people and have a heart for people.  Please do not misunderstand our hearts.  We want you to fully focus on your friends and family and the people you are interacting with.  However, you need to leave your comfort zones and meet new people.  Be bold and step away from the group of girls you are always around.)
We want your comments!  Tell us if this relates to you...  If you notice yourself making this mistake...  If you are totally against this idea!  We want to hear from you!!!

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  1. Oh yes, ALWAYS in a girl pack. I know a very eligible guy and every girl he asks out insists on bringing her girl pack. Believe me, he loses interest really fast!