Thursday, December 9, 2010

They Date Before They Are Ready for Marriage

Mistake #19

When she was a freshman in high school Anne fell head over heels in love with her dream man and the relationship progressed quickly.  Before she knew it, sophomore year arrived and with the raging hormones it was hard to stop the kisses which led to touches which led to Anne giving her body and heart completely away to another 16 year old.  The relationship became complicated and junior year, after many ups and downs, it ended.  The heartbreak was overwhelming and it took several years for her to heal and move on.  Anne and her boyfriend were both great people.   They loved God, had great families and they were even great together.  The only problem:  The timing was wrong.
Many girls make this mistake.  They fall in love long before they are able to get married and this, almost always, leads to heartbreak.  The Bible says many times in the Song of Solomon, “Do not arouse or awaken love until it is ready.”   
Here’s the guideline:  Don’t start dating one-on-one until you could be married within the next two years. 
This does not mean you cannot hang out with guys before then – just don’t go out alone.  You can enjoy a fun night with friends and a memorable Prom with a guy.  Simply spend time with guys in groups.  Play it safe.  If you feel your heart being caught up when you are with a particular guy, do not spend as much time with him. 
Many girls fear, “What if he’s my Mr. Right and I miss my opportunity because I followed this guideline?”  If he is your Mr. Right and you are not within two years of being able to get married then know that he or someone much better will be there when the time is right!  Promise.  God has amazing plans for you and your life.  Postponing dating will not get in the way of His plans.
High school years are so much fun and your joy can be taken away by heartbreaking relationships.  Protect yourself and have fun.  Then, in a couple of years, when you are ready to find “Mr. Right” pick up this book and study!  Meanwhile, pray for your future husband.