Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Are Invited to Get More Dates and Have More Fun!!!

Mary and I have had hundreds (if not thousands) of discussions (a.k.a. free counseling sessions) with 20-something girls over the last 10 years! The discussions are all the same. “I haven’t been on a date… like… ever!” or “Should I date him?” or “My heart is broken… again!” or “Why hasn’t he called?” As we listened to these amazing girls we realized that all of the conversations sounded the same. So, we wrote a great book! Really, it’s great (or at least we think it is)! It’s full of great stories and fantastic advice for all of you girls! A few of you have read it… But soooooo many of you haven’t. We created this blog to share it with you piece by piece. (To all of you guys out there, you are welcome to read… You’ll learn a lot about women. We are in the process of writing a book for you guys as well.)

Here is the invitation: The "Get More Dates" challenge. Each Sunday we will update this blog. We will start the first few weeks with an introduction and some tips. Then, the first or second week of May we will begin to post a chapter from the book each week. Each chapter starts with a story of a girl just like you (it might actually BE you if you are one of our friends). We then explain one of the mistakes you and your friends make that lead you to getting NO dates… Or, maybe worse, really bad dates!  Then, we tell you how to correct the behavior and give you a challenge!

Here’s the deal: We’re sharing this with you because you need it and it is super FUN!  Here is your end of the deal...  We need you to get a group of friends… And for your friends to get their friends to take this challenge and follow this blog. Each week you take our challenges and make comments about the chapter content and how it is changing your life. Take the challenge together and it will be soooo much FUN and, hopefully, by the end you will all have more dates!

Are you ready to play?!?  Invite your friends via facebook, email, etc… See you next week!!!  I can't wait to get started.